week 7 Eastern vs Western paper

week 7 Eastern vs Western paper - E ast vs. West Eastern...

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East vs. West Eastern and Western Philosophers Scott A. James University of Phoenix (Axia College) PHI 105
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Western and Eastern Philosophers Philosophy is and always compared by two different areas of thinking, the Eastern and the Western philosophical views. The philosophical views from both regions emphasize on following the right paths, the teachings and methodology of the philosophical view points from both the Eastern and Western philosophers are very different and distinct from one another. Aristotle and Confucius respectfully, are two very great philosophers that use great logic. With all the respect that the two philosophers deserve, people should become intellectual on the different teachings that the two historical philosophers taught, and what the similarities and differences are. Eastern Philosopher Confucianism was widely practiced by many Eastern regions. Confucius was and still is considered to be one of the most influential philosophers of the Eastern philosophies. Confucius was considered a righteous man, whom stuck with the ancient customs and ideas of the Chinese civilization, and he conformed to the ancient sages that were pre-laid. According to Axia College (McGraw-Hill, 2008); “he sought a better way and order of doing things. Learning and knowledge, Confucius believed, must be practical. They must transform life for the better. The
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week 7 Eastern vs Western paper - E ast vs. West Eastern...

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