BUAD 3030 EXAM 2

BUAD 3030 EXAM 2 - Chapter 7 1. Strategic Goals:...

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Chapter 7 1. Strategic Goals : Organization’s Mission(h ) h 2. Strategic Goals : increased revenues 3. Arena 6 : classification production, marketing, financial, goals marketing, HR 4. Strategic Plans h : broadly developed, general direction( ) 5. Operational Plans h : narrowest h focus, shortest time frame. 6. Reaction Plans h : unexpected environmental turbulence. h 7. Contingency Plans h : changes technology, economy, competition, labor market. 8. Project : single use plan, more narrow scope than a program. 9. Goals : consistent with (h··h ) the organization’s mission. 10. Goal Setting Failure : lack of top management support. Chapter 8 1. Strategy : effectively h align h the organization with the environment, 2. Strategy Formulation t : set of process involving organization’s strategies. 3. Strategy Formulation SWOT t : starting point. 4. Organizational Threats : PR( h ) or press against the image of the organization. 5. Types of Strategy Cost Leadership : for example, a modern trendy clothing store. 6. Types of Strategy Prospector t : test market, ad. Campaigns h , consumer product trail h . 7. Types of Strategy: Analyzer —move into new markets, at a carefully planned pace h . 8. Related Diversification : for example movement from just adult furniture to include children’s furniture. 9.
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BUAD 3030 EXAM 2 - Chapter 7 1. Strategic Goals:...

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