Chem1 - CHEMISTRY 233 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAB I This syllabus subject to ch ange pend ing notification v erbally or via th e email list Prof Office

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CHEMISTRY 233 – ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAB I This syllabus subject to change pending notification verbally or via the email list. Prof. Yutan Getzler Office: Tomsich Hall 308 Office hours : Tue – Thurs 10 am – 12 pm, or by appointment PBX: 5304 email: getzlery Texts : Mayo; Pike and Trumper " Microscale Organic Laboratory " 4th edition Zubrick "The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual," 5th edition Required Material : "Organic Chemistry Laboratory Notebook" – Chemical Education Resources, Inc. (CER) Point Distribution : 6 Product Cards & 2 Lab Reports (100 pts each) 800 Final Exam 100 Notebook (12 weeks @ 2 pts/week) 24 Quizzes (10 points each) 80 Total 1004 Goals : Chemistry 233 builds your technical foundation in experimental organic chemistry. The course emphasizes reactions, techniques and ideas that will be used in other courses and any research projects requiring physical manipulations of materials. This lab integrates and illustrates Chemistry 231 (Organic lecture). Attendance : Organic chemistry continually builds upon itself, and it is quite easy to get behind if you miss a particular lab period. Also, the labs are often quite full. Therefore, attendance to your assigned laboratory section is mandatory. Once lab sections are finalized, you may not switch lab sections during the semester. If you miss lab due to an excused absence such as a family or medical emergency or scheduled sporting event, you must obtain permission from me to attend an alternate lab section. Course Meeting Time : We will meet in Tomsich 207 at 1:10 pm for a 20 – 30 minute pre-lab lecture during the first week of a particular experiment. The lab will begin with a 5 minute quiz germane to the experiment at hand. The quiz always ends at 1:15 pm sharp and if you are not present for the quiz, you will receive no credit. You will have only your laboratory notebook to help you during the quiz, so you should make relevant notes therein. It is vital that these notes be clearly separate from what you write during lab. Planning your lab work ahead of time will increase your efficiency in lab. Following recitation, laboratory work will commence in Tomsich 209. If we are in the second week of an experiment, you may begin working promptly at 1:10 pm in Tomsich 209. You should confine your lab work to the scheduled hours. No extra time will be given if you are unable to complete an experiment due to a clear lack of pre-lab preparation or a lack of focus or efficiency during lab. Thursday Night Analysis Party : The lab will be open Thursday night from 7 – 10 pm and will be staffed by an undergraduate assistant. During this time you may perform analytical techniques such as melting point analysis and the various spectroscopies. No other experiments may be performed. As a guideline, if all you had was your sample and sample prep material, you can not do anything which would require opening your drawer. Safety
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Chem1 - CHEMISTRY 233 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAB I This syllabus subject to ch ange pend ing notification v erbally or via th e email list Prof Office

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