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C30J_2010_Tutorial_1 - from a sample so that atomic...

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C30J Tutorial Sheet #1 1. Explain the fundamental differences in principle between atomic emission and atomic absorption spectrometry. 2. Calculate the ratio of the excited state to ground state populations associated with the potassium 480 nm transition at 2000 ° C if the ratio of the degeneracies (excited / ground state) is 3. 3. Name and describe the processes involved in generating free atomic vapour
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Unformatted text preview: from a sample so that atomic spectroscopy can be performed. 4. (i) Calculate the wavelength of the radiation emitted after a transition between two energy levels 2.0 eV apart in energy in the sodium atom. (ii) What is the frequency of this radiation? (iii) Would this radiation be visible to the naked eye? Dr. V. R. Rattray February 26, 2010...
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