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C30J Tutorial Sheet #1 1. Explain the impact of flame structure on the choice of viewing height in atomic emission spectrometry. 2. With the inclusion of a clearly labeled diagram, describe the components and explain the function of the sample introduction system in a flame atomic emission spectrometer. 3. Explain the principle of operation of a concentric pneumatic
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Unformatted text preview: nebulizer. Include in your response a clearly labeled diagram 4. While aspirating a water sample into an air acetylene flame, the emission spectrum reveals a peak at 218 nm. Identify which of the metals in the table below are present in the sample. Metal Excitation Energy / eV Hg 4.89 Fe 4.78 Pb 4.38 Ni 4.07 Cu 3.79 Dr. V. R. Rattray March 15, 2010...
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