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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES MONA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL ANALYSIS II - CHEM3001 TUTORIAL Paper 1 1. Outline the Kovats method for specifying the relative retention of solutes in gas chromatography. Briefly discuss the merits of this system. 2. Dodecane, eugenol and tetradecane eluted from a DB-5 gas chromatographic column with retention times of 14.7, 21.3 and 23.3 minutes respectively. If the dead time, t M , on the column is 1.6 minutes what is the Kovats Retention Index for eugenol. 3. Graphically determine the Kovats Index for the following analytes: Analyte t R (seconds)
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Unformatted text preview: α-( Z )-Bisabolene 1655 2-Hexyl-( Z )-cinnamaldehyde 2261 4-Methoxystilbene 2720 on a PolyDiMethylSiloxane stationary phase given the data below. n-Alkane t R (seconds) Air 57 Pentadecane 1646 Hexadecane 1885 Heptadecane 2113 Octadecane 2331 Nonadecane 2539 4. Given the data below: SOLUTE t R '/min SOLUTE t R '/min Toluene 0.287 Decane 1.273 Nonane 0.636 1-Octanol 1.864 1-Heptanol 0.934 Undecane 2.620 4-Octanol 1.047 Dodecane 5.024 (i) calculate the Kovats retention index for each compound; (ii) predict the retention times for 1-nonanol and 4-nonanol. DMK20100305...
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