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ArtHis - Formal Anaylsis - Art History 55A TA Beth...

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Art History 55A: TA: Beth Rosenblum Formal Analysis: Crest Mask After a long and tedious lab, I start to walk back home. The starless sky shrouded the night with mystery and I began to feel uneasy. Little did I know that night my precious and I would be separated. When I got back to my room, nothing was knocked over, no shattered glass was on the floor, but I could feel an emptiness that I couldn’t place. Then it hit me. My African mask was stolen. Devastated, I turned in a police report: My artifact is made by the Efut people of Calabar, Nigeria. It’s roughly made in the late nineteenth century or the early twentieth century. It is twenty-four to thirty inches in height. This crest mask is a figure of a woman’s head, but it has five distinctive horns attached to the head. The face and neck of the mask is made of wood, the horns are wrapped in antelope skin, the hair is made of metal, and the teeth of the mask are made of bone. The most dominant feature of my mask is the horns. There are five horns that are attached to the head. Every horn is individually wrapped in the antelope hide, and the overlapping parts can be distinguished because of the edge of the hide is not level with the horns. The texture of the horns seems smooth except for the edges. The primary colors of the horns are
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ArtHis - Formal Anaylsis - Art History 55A TA Beth...

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