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anthropology essay - Natural Selection and Mutation...

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Natural Selection and Mutation Evolutionary changes and their causes have been under strict scrutiny for ages. The most notable causes of evolutionary changes, as proved through their abundance in the novel Galapagos , are natural selection and mutation. Natural selection and mutation are complex concepts that can be misunderstood easily; however, Kurt Vonnegut gives examples of each of these concepts, and makes it simple to demonstrate these concepts in both the physical world and the abstract. People are placing the concept of natural selection, which has over a century and a half of observation and experimentation, against a position that is inherently not disprovable, therefore, not provable as well. In the absence of an ability to test, there is also an inability to establish truth. The best argument against natural selection is the difficulty of producing intermediate forms of organisms that are not well selected to any environment. Natural selection is the process that produces adaptation. Natural selection is based on three postulates: (1) the availability of
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anthropology essay - Natural Selection and Mutation...

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