Inferrences - Inferred 210 1 One of the more reliable...

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Inferred 210 1. One of the more reliable methods of determining regional climatic conditions in prehistoric periods is to examine plant pollen trapped in glacial ice during ancient times. By comparing such pollen samples with spores taken from modern vegetation, scientists can figure out approximately what the weather was like at the time of pollen deposition. Furthermore, by submitting the prehistoric samples to radiocarbon dating techniques, we can also determine when certain climatic conditions were prevalent in that portion of the globe. Which one of the following may be inferred from the information in the passage? (A) The earth has undergone several glacial periods. (B) Radiocarbon dating can be corroborated by glacial evidence. (C) Similarities between prehistoric and contemporary climates do not exist. (D) Pollen deposition is a fairly continuous process. (E) Certain flora are reliably associated with particular climatic conditions. 220 2. History textbooks frequently need to be revised. The reasons for this are clear: new discoveries of documents and remains, the discovery of mistaken inferences in prior histories, the discovery of previously unnoticed relationships among data, and the application of hitherto undiscovered principles of natural science all may indicate inadequacies in current history texts. Any of these considerations may require that the past be reinterpreted in a manner that is new and more illuminating. Which one of the following can be inferred from the argument in the passage? (A) The interpretation of historical events is affected by natural science. (B) The past is constantly renewed because of illuminating reinterpretations. (C) History books are outdated as soon as they are written. (D) Natural scientists also function as historians. (E) Historians’ mistaken inferences are caused by unnoticed relationships among data. 227 3. Governments have only one response to public criticism of socially necessary services: regulation of the activity of providing those services. But governments inevitably make the activity more expensive by regulating it, and that is particularly troublesome in these times of strained financial resources. However, since public criticism of child-care services has undermined all confidence in such services, and since such services are socially necessary, the government is certain to respond. Which one of the following statements can be inferred from the passage? (A) The quality of child care will improve. (B) The cost of providing child-care services will increase. (C) The government will use funding to foster advances in child care. (D) If public criticism of policy is strongly voiced, the government is certain to respond. (E) If child-care services are not regulated, the cost of providing child care will not increase.
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Inferrences - Inferred 210 1 One of the more reliable...

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