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Group Conflict - Conflict Situation After 3 years of...

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Conflict Situation After 3 years of training, there are 3 seniors on Jennifer’s Little 500 bike team that have ridden in the race before and one remaining senior, Jane,* who has never made it to race day. Her times on the track have never been fast enough nor have her drafting and bike exchange skills been up to par with her senior teammates. However, Jane never misses a workout and spends more time in the gym or on the bike than any of the seniors combined. Unfortunately, Jane has a lot of mental issues which have contributed to her not riding in the race and she has caused a major accident which injured everyone on the bike team due to her poor riding skills. She's a bit of a danger on the track to us and to other riders. The main conflict would be how to go about letting her off the team before spring break (our major training week) without damaging the bike team's reputation within our sorority (because a lot of seniors feel she should ride this year because she is a senior and not because she is good enough). The seniors on the bike team want this conflict to end peacefully with Jane still being a good friend and keeping her mental health in tact. Basically, the conflict is a passive aggressive cat fight. *Name has been changed. Background Information “Jane! Stop crying!” This was not an uncommon phrase to hear during track practices, road rides or even just a conversation amongst the senior bike team members. After a couple years of training together for race day, it appeared Jane was not going to make the team again during our senior year. How could someone who has trained so long not be good enough to ride in the race for one day? Jane’s inability to make the team on race day started in high school. She attended a competitive dance school which constantly belittled her self-esteem and self-worth. Once in college, she latched onto Little 500 as a way to be physically active again in a group setting. Four sophomores and one junior started training together during their fall semester.
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Group Conflict - Conflict Situation After 3 years of...

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