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sonoco final questions - 1 2 Objective How to make HR a...

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1. Objective: How to make HR a strategic advantage for Sonoco 2. What is the right HR structure for Sonoco - centralization or hybrid? Why? Evaluate the different options - pros and cons. Be specific. Even the most successful organizations can’t rely on prior successes. Especially for a well-established organization such as Sonoco, remaining innovative and adapting the structure to the current environmental and industry demands is more important than ever. With the emergence of small, flexible firms, new global competition, increased for- eign investment, and a consolidation of major suppliers, Sonoco must be able to com- pete. Their changing product environment means a focus on becoming a one-stop shop, in this “Age of Differentiation.” This will mean a focus on specialization, and a fo- cus on packaging as a means of advertising to attract the end user. At the same time, there has been an introduction of new, more cost effective materials such as aluminum and plastics, and concurrently the introduction of global players from India and China, moving the focus of many buyers from price to quality. Sonoco’s traditional focus was to create a quality product that was not necessarily low
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sonoco final questions - 1 2 Objective How to make HR a...

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