Final Antony�s Outrageous Behavior Lines 52-64

Final Antony�s Outrageous Behavior Lines 52-64 -...

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Carrie Kuhen 15 February 2011 Miss Sampson Latin III Antony’s Outrageous Behavior Lines 52-64 As much as I think, it is unavoidable that you could be in connection with yourself in your sleep or wake, as violent and furious as you are when the sight of a honorable man exposed itself to you, you must have been summoned forth from your sleep thoroughly frightened and often out of your mind. I certainly pity it’s walls and roofs. In fact, see what it is that that house at any time considered if not the best modesty, and most sacred chastity? It was for that man an enlisted father perceived in the same way then with the
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Unformatted text preview: clear strength to be admired in a home and not an outward condition and was praised in the manner of a fixed house. But now in his house are brothels as opposed to bed chambers and suits instead of eating houses. Albeit he denies all of that. Y’all are unwilling to seek for; he has now become worthy: he has separated his mime according to the twelve boards. He has deprived his ______ from her and thrusted her out the door. Hoe esteemed of a citizen , how distinguished the best crafted plan of all of yawl’s entire life is depriving of this mime!...
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