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Cmos 3 solved

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 12 CMOS‐3 1. Grow a thin masking oxide by thermal oxidation and Si3N4 by LPCVD deposition. 2. Mask# 1 will form the window for local oxidation. Page 2 of 12 3. SiO2 is grown using LOCOS process at 1000oC. 4. Si3N4 is stripped using boiling H3PO4 and the thin SiO2 layer is removed by dry etching. 5. Grow a P layer by epitaxial growth. 6. Use mask# 2 to form the window for P‐ well. Page 3 of 12 7. Use ion implantation with Boron (Energy = 200‐300 KeV, Dose = 1‐5 x 1013 cm‐2) to form the P‐...
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