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Al Bu Said dynasty  1749  - Persians are driven out. The Al Bu Said dynasty comes to power, and continues to rule to this  day.  1800s-1900s  - Omani empire expands to include Zanzibar and Mombasa on Africa's east coast and  parts of the Indian subcontinent, reflecting Oman's strong maritime heritage.  1954  onwards - Clashes resume between imamite forces, seeking an independent state in the interior,  and those of the sultan.  1959  - Sultan Said bin Taimur regains control of the interior. His rule is  characterised by a fuedal and isolationist approach. 1913  - Control of the country splits. The interior is ruled by Ibadite imams and the coastal areas by the  sultan. Under a British-brokered agreement in 1920 the sultan recognises the autonomy of the interior. 1964  - Oil reserves are discovered; extraction begins in 1967.  1970  - The sultan is overthrown by his son in a bloodless coup. Sultan Qaboos bin Said begins a 
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Unformatted text preview: liberalisation and modernisation programme. 1981 - Oman is a founding member of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. 1999 - Oman and neighbouring United Arab Emirates (UAE) sign a border agreement defining most of their disputed common frontier. 2001 October - Large-scale British-Omani military exercises in the Omani desert coincide with the launch of strikes against the Taleban in Afghanistan. 2003 October - First elections to the Consultative Council, the majlis al-shura, in which all citizens over the age of 21 can vote. Oman's Arabian Oryx sanctuary becomes the first site to be removed from UNESCO's World Heritage list after the rare species dwindled and the government cut the park size by 90%....
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