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Nguyen 1 Raven Corvus English 102 Professor Hilton 20 February 2010 A Small Contribution Every Friday, I would sit in a close spaced room waiting to run errands. I am an active volunteer at the UW Medical Center, and I spend nearly four hours every week volunteering there. I think it is important to mention that I am claustrophobic; the tight room terrifies me and I always walk out of the hospital light headed. However, the feeling of contributing to the hospital triumphs my fear. Therefore, I would wait patiently through those endless four hours for assignments from my dispatcher. A dispatcher is someone who gives out assignments to volunteers, or at least from my observation, that’s what a dispatcher is. Many components of my job are to deliver flowers and gifts to patients, discharge them from their rooms, transport lab specimen, and clean up around the hospital. I’m quite proud of my role in the hospital. These days many high school students are actively looking for volunteering activities. Reasons might be that they need to complete certain hours for their high school requirement, others may be that they simply wanted something on their resume, and most never even considered the significance of their contribution to the community through giving their time. I am going to prove a reciprocal relationship between the hospital and high school students where both parties benefit from each other. Through volunteering at the hospital, the high school students are making a significant contribution to the hospital and in turn ensuring human rights through volunteerism, and without the volunteers, the hospital would not be as sufficient as it is and even more expensive.
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Nguyen 2 Let’s take a look at the UW Medical Center as an example. The hospital is filled with volunteers and many of which are high school students. As stated by the UW Medical Website, “More than 1,400 men and women, ages 14 and over, give more than 100,000 hours of service each year in more than 60 different roles throughout UW Medical Center and UW Medical Center at Roosevelt.” This demonstrates the work force of volunteers. Many of the volunteers are also young ambitious high school students who want to get their foot in the door. I’ve met many great friends through the hospital whom all share the same passion as me within the medical field. They also said that volunteering makes a good use of their time and give them an opportunity to learn. Nearly a third (31.6%) of college student volunteers serve with educational or youth services organizations, compared to about a quarter (26.3%) of the general adult volunteer population and less than a quarter (23.4%) of college student volunteers serve with religious organizations, compared to more than a third (34.8%) of the general adult volunteer population (“College Students Helping America”). This is beneficial to both the organization and students. However, this is statistics on college students so one might say that it can’t be applied
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Corvus.Position - Nguyen 1 Raven Corvus English 102...

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