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Axia College Material News Media: Ethnic Minorities Bill Goodykoontz Film Critic, The Arizona Republic Television has underserved a minority population. It is basically a white man’s game and it has been for far too long. There will be cyclical outrage where people say, where minority groups say this is ridiculous. If we are black all we ever get to play are criminals. If we are Asian we maybe we play a scientist. Where are the lead roles? They do not exist. Part of it is a real timidity on the part of the network. They think that they will not make as much money. They think they won’t get as big of an audience. We certainly hope that this is going to change as minority presence increases in life and in society. I think for far too long that it has not been there and in some ways it is just outrageous. When you
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Unformatted text preview: try to justify it, there just is no justification for it. Occasionally, they will…for instance there have been gay sitcoms where a big deal is made out of the fact that the character is gay. There has been black sitcoms where they don’t out and out call it that but there it is and attention is drawn to it because of that. The place where we need to get to is where yes, this character is gay, this character is black, this character is Asian. Who cares, they are just characters. If you can see past color, if you can see past prejudice that is great but I have gotta say in the way that television and movies are reflecting society, society is not seeing past those things either it is not a problem peculiar it is a societal problem, and it is still being reflected. HUM/176...
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