Wakler CEM 251 Quiz 1A SS 2011

Wakler CEM 251 Quiz 1A SS 2011 - been drawn in 3f zfit A...

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1A) The pKa of H2S = 7.0. Consider the reaction below; fill in the empty boxes TNCLUDE LoNE pAtRS. Draw equilibrium arrows to CLEARLY show whether the reactants or products are favored. + b equilibrium arrows K^= 107 pf,{a " -$ (<+nzrger) 2A) Rank the following compounds in order of DECREASTNG acidity. HzO HzS o.. + rgH l6t f-'\- { - aP \=,/ lt - rot conj. base Place letters in boxes. NHe A h+ tr B Lr+ ' lB I c !rt t3l LeastAcidic 34) Assign the characteristics of the atom indicated. All electrons have been drawn in. formal charge 5A) An oxamide of retinoic acid is shown. Assign the characteristics of the atom indicated. All electrons have
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Unformatted text preview: been drawn in. 3f+ zfit A resonance structure group geometry is? tt'goirr* ! pla*'ar hybridization of orbitals used by carbon? geM tFs egts 5p *sf what type of orbitals overlap to make o bond? E Neu{ru,{ l fS I LI i ,t-t'-a?-' H @ LL /Y}H' ' \7" ?fk 4A) On the structure provided, draw TWO curved arrows to show the movement of lone pair(s) and/or n-bonds that produces a reasonable resonance structure containing no formal charges are on anv atom. u- g* rt L conj. acid pl(a"?...
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