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Walker CEM 251 Quiz 1B SS 2011 - (+)charee on the carbon...

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o Hir-$=o 18) The pKa of " dn = -9.0. Consider the reaction below; fill in the empty boxes INCLUDE LONE PAIRS. Draw equilibrium arrows to CLEARLY show whether the reactants or products are favored. A :O: V.. ll .. + :o-s--o t" :OH equilibrium arrows ,s1 e>fr-"* rbf conj. base + 28) Rank the following compounds in order of DECREASING acidity. Place letters in boxes. HzO HF HCt tr' E trLeastAcidic have been drawn in. 48) On the structure provided, draw TWO curved arrows to show the movement of lone pair(s) andf or n- bonds that produces a reasonable resonance structure containing onlv
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Unformatted text preview: (+)charee on the carbon marked with (o) and no (+l charge on the orieinal CHz. @ a Pfs rt"{e zrrts A resonance structure 5B) An oxamide of retinoic acid is shown. Assign the characteristics of the atom indicated. All electrons have been drawn in. K.= 107 p{a = -t 2*<, conj. acid PVo = -q 1+r6\\*k 6L\tj 3 t CHz-group geometry is? te;frafrc*lre"{ hybridization of orbitals used by r M:r* rl*.r {p* &* J tl E I H "t c-+. *r sPz- sf what type of orbitals overlap to make c bond? t *"61 * t-"f t(5 $ t ro H-g* k "**, hybridization of orbitals used?...
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