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Walker CEM 251 Quiz 2A SS 2011

Walker CEM 251 Quiz 2A SS 2011 - @r'^r EK 5A Match the...

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/-\,/ f^ ^t \_-/ v t sd6uitif 1A) Name using the strict IUPAC system i.e., use alkyl prefixes (NOT iso, sec-, tert-, neo as with common names). \ -cycloqrtnpgl-i *rr*tfi.1f hexa,m e- 2A) Draw the substituent (indicated below)that branches offthe partial bond. )'/ J*r (2,3-dimethylbutyl)- 34) Looking directly at carbon 2, draw the MOST stable staggered Newman of the boxes with the appropriate atom and/or a group. projection of 2-methylbutane. Fill-in all CHa eHs 2-methylbutane oF.. MOST STABLE 4A) What type(s) of strain is/are in the most stable structure above. 5A) Using the key for intermolecular interactions: vdw = van der Waals; DD = dipole-dipole; HB = hydrogen bonding. ldentify the intermolecular forces in
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Unformatted text preview: @[email protected]'^r @ EK 5A) Match the compound to the melting point. Place the appropriate letter in the box. .t-\-"\.t'\ B 7A) Circle the ester and the hydroxyl functional groups in the molecule below; then fill-in the box.-l--( c A-t if ffi6"*'Cit** *,fL t{^ts O 6.,- eac!\ unh€eee$Sd{{C " hrA*al grouB e;dteal J-offiYY v if *Liq ,s ci.c1u;1 €* e4o" O h H OH @-J'---25C tr-91'C tr .,.tt*or$ letter here a) steric (i.e. van der Waals) strain b) torsional strain c) steric and torsional strains d) none, since staggered conformation do not have torsional or steric strain-1 18"C N I o What type of functional group is this?...
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