Quiz 3B Key - must be CLEARLY drawn, i.e. unambiguously!...

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lB) Classify the transformation as (O)xidation, (R)eduction, or (N)either. Letter in oHo the box. tr HqoH o -K +A *C3rl66' 1 crqior- " ooH t-A* )'-/ !+Hqo1 _ crt{:5 +H -o - redr.cft.il QH ,tY-v = OH o C.tHg 0, " * CqHl0 3ft" 28) Convert the 2-D structure into its MOST STABLE chair conformation. Use the (') as reference. Make sure the bond angles on the chair conformation CLEARLY indicate what you are drawing. 't pk 38) In the boxes, write the letter'M' for compound(s) that is/are MESO; the letter'C'for compound(s) that is/are CHIRAL. 48) Label the stereogenic centers indicated with an €urow as R or S. Letter in the box. tr_J -'y' =, d/-oH 58) Use a full-headed or half-headed curved arrow(s) to show the movement of electrons. Arrows
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Unformatted text preview: must be CLEARLY drawn, i.e. unambiguously! (l. .-: o.'-\-I H QH-t tY Hrru^\*NH' oHl trtr S.. t'rilo,", Kg & ,^rtl4v. nalaS. 3pt" Z?E (? o.. )"Y /'NH, HH / \/ l,r,lH, H 3 e+-68) Draw the 2 products of the reaction indicated by the curved arrows. Maintain balanced formal charge and electron pairs on each side ofthe reaction. ofuu'*' H.6t (p+ Product t Product 2 78) Given the values below, draw a single arrow between A and B to indicate if the starting material (A) or product (B) is formed. A K"o= 1.1 AH = 100 kJ/mol o^)ot!,*rrnr'c z?E e,^4tt1 Sa;'rd fr.t u fr...
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Quiz 3B Key - must be CLEARLY drawn, i.e. unambiguously!...

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