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B ED B ATH & B EYOND C ASE Discussion Questions 1. Assess BBBY business, operating, and expansion strategies. Are these strategies consistent with one another? What, if any, changes would you make to these strategies? 2. Assess BBY s current performance. Evaluate the keys to its current success. How have the important performance measures changed over time? How does BBBY compare to its competitors? What is driving BBBY s superior ROE? How sustainable are BBBY s current ROE and growth rate? 3. What potential problems are likely to be encountered as BBBY s management attempts
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Unformatted text preview: to implement its expansion plans? How is BBBY planning to finance its growth? Will internally generated funds and borrowings available under the $20 million credit facility be sufficient to fund BBBY’s normal operations as well as its expansion program for the remainder of fiscal 1994 and on into fiscal 1995? 4. If BBBY requires additional funding for its expansion program, what form of funding should the company use, debt or equity? Does BBBY have additional debt capacity? And is equity priced favorably for an offering?...
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