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Christmas essay 4

Christmas essay 4 - Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr Denno...

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Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno College Writing 26 November 2007 A Christmas Tradition In the last 2,000 years, Christmas has become a very commercialized holiday. The face of Christmas has changed from a festive and warm time of the year to a highly commercialized holiday. Whatever happened to the past when the kids received only a gift or two? In society today, children expect the whole tree to be filled with gifts for them. With all the hustle and bustle, the spirit of the Christmas season has been lost. Christmas was originally based on the birth of Jesus and the celebration of his life, but Christmas today has become an excuse for people to buy and receive gifts without a thought of what it was originally meant to celebrate. An illustration of this is the fact that Americans spend more money at Christmas than any other time of year. Stores begin setting up their Christmas displays and playing Christmas music earlier and earlier every year. Christmas commercials start appearing on our televisions the week before Thanksgiving. In general, Christmas is the most widely celebrated holiday for Christians and non-Christians alike. Around Christmas time, more people travel, spend money, eat, and spend time with their family than any other holiday. Because of this, during the Christmas season, the economy flourishes since people are more concentrated on shopping for gifts for their friends and families. This angers many people who feel that the concentration of gift giving and receiving is taking away from
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