Assignment Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Assignment Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - 1 Ethnic...

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1 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Monique Daggins February 7, 2010 ETH/125 Cultural Diversity Ms. Natasha Evans The ethnic group that I belong to is African American. Today, African Americans make up approximately 15% of the United States population. In 1619, the first African Americans came to American as indentured servants. Africans did not colonize to the United States; it was more like forced immigration. This particular ethic group was taken from various parts of the African continent and brought to the United States on slave ships. Due of the mass kidnappings of Africans, the majority of black Americans born in the U.S. have no idea as of their true origin,
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other than that the fact that their ancestors arrived to the United States from the continent of Africa. At one time, it was thought that African slaves were sold by other Africans, but in actuality, when African when tribes battled, the tribe who lost became the servants of the tribe who won, either for life, or for a certain period of years, these people were then traded for European goods. The Africans, who were traded, were those who were already servants. It was the Europeans who made this into a slave trade, and initiated the system of chattel slavery. After being brought to the United States, the Africans were treated horrible, made to be slaves and were forced to work under horrible conditions. They were even beaten by their slave masters. This treatment continued for several hundred years, however, in 1863, with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by then President Abraham Lincoln, they officially gained freedom as a people. I remember my paternal great-grandfather sharing stories of slavery. He was born into slavery but
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Assignment Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - 1 Ethnic...

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