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Mayrs schema NS - Differential survival and reproduction ,...

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Fact 1. Potential exponential increase of populations (superfecundity) ( Source: Paley, Malthus, and others). Fact 2. Limitation of resources ( Source: Observation, reinforced by Malthus). Conclusion 1. Struggle for existence among individuals – some live and some die ( Author of conclusion: Malthus). Fact 3. Uniqueness of the individual ( Source: animal breeders, taxonomists). Fact 4. Heritability of much of the individual variation ( Source: animal breeders). Conclusion 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Differential survival and reproduction , ie. natural selection ( Author of conclusion: Darwin). Conclusion 3. Through many generations: evolution – a change in average character and underlying allele frequencies ( Author of conclusion: Darwin). modified from Ernst Mayr. 1988. Toward a New Philosophy of Biology. Mayr’s Schema for the Mechanisms of Natural Selection A flow chart of Darwin's argument for natural selection....
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