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Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno College Writing 31 October 2007 Want to Pack a Lip? Talihina High School’s, Sean Marsee, of Ada, Oklahoma, lifted weights and ran the 400-meter relay. By the time he was eighteen years, he had won twenty-eight medals from his achievements in weight lifting and running the 400-meter relay. To keep his body strong and healthy, he made a choice to not smoke or drink. He did make the decision to use smokeless tobacco, because he thought it was not harmful to his health. Like Sean, many American teens and adults do not think that smokeless tobacco is harmful. The fact is smokeless tobacco is as harmful, if not more harmful, than smoking cigarettes. Many people do not know what the contents and ingredients are in chewing tobacco. Most people just think it is ground up tobacco with some sort of flavor that they are putting in their mouth. On the contrary, chewing tobacco has a long list of chemicals that are poisonous to the body. These chemicals are what cause most of the diseases associated with chewing tobacco, not the tobacco itself. The chemicals are also a reason for people to feel as if they are getting a “high” from chewing tobacco. The chemicals contained in chewing tobacco are also what make it very hard to quit. The reason for this
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Chewing tobacco - Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno...

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