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Quiz #3 Name ________________ 1. Lesions of the dorsal visual stream cause a. Agnosia b. Adipsia c. Ataxia d. Aphasia e. Aphagia 2. Lesions to the Pre-optic area of the hypothalamus leads to an inability to use _____________ to regulate ____________. a. Physiological mechanisms, Body Temperature b. Behavioral Mechanisms, Thirst c. Physiological mechanisms, erection d. Behavioral Mechanisms, Body Temperature. 3. Simple cells in the Primary Visual cortex act as ___________________ a. Orientation detectors b. Color detectors c. Motion detectors d. Blobs 4. When Light strikes the photoreceptors in the retina what happens? a. Rhodopsin combines, opens channels and depolarizes the photo receptor
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b. Retinal and opsin are released closing channels and depolarizing the photoreceptor c. Retinal and opsin are released, closing channels, hyperpolarizing the photoreceptor d. Rhodopsin combines, opens channels and hyperpolarizes the photoreceptor 5. MPOA in male rats is responsible for a. Both B and C b. Motivation to reproduce c. Integrates hormonal and sensory cues
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Unformatted text preview: d. Coordinating movements for copulation e. Both C and D 6. Osmosensory Neurons respond to increased fluid tonicity by a. Initiating sodium specific hunger b. Swelling c. Shrinking d. Releasing vasopressin Short Answer 7. Compare and contrast the scotopic and photopic visual system SC: rods, Dim Light, B/W, movement ph: cones, fovea, Color, detail Essay As discussed so Far: What does the POA do? Or more specifically what functions (sex,thirst, etc depend on the poa)? What does it do in them? Thirst sex and BT Male sex: integrates cues and coordinates male copulatory behavior Thirst:Osmosensory neurons, responsive to ANG2, induces thirst and drinking BT: POA contains thermosensitive neurons, part of the thermostat,lesions block physiological mechanisms for regulating BT BONUS: Lesions of the VMH have what affect on feeding behavior? Increased eating Lesions of the lateral hypothalamus block what type of BT regulation? Behavioral mechanisms...
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Quiz3kry - d Coordinating movements for copulation e Both C...

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