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Quiz 4p460_4_21_10key - Quiz#4Psych460 NAME_ 1.

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Quiz # 4                        Psych 460                                    NAME _________________ 1. The biological clock is located in the ________________ specifically the  _____________ Nucleus a. Hippocampus, Superchiasmatic b. Hypothalamus, hippocampus c. Hypothalamus, Superman d. Hypothalamus, Superchiasmatic 2. Entrainment of the biological clock requiresthe use of a ____________ like light a. Zeitsaber b. Zeitgeist c. Zeitgeber d. Ziggy 3. Per and Tim work via_____________ to set and reset the biological clock. a. Positive feedback b. Complimentary feedback c. Biofeedback d. Negative feedback 4. In regulation of sleep which system acts as a switch ? a. Pontine b. Forebrain c. Hypothalamic
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d. Other 5. In Humans a typical sleep cycle lasts how long?  a. Until hell freezes over b. About an hour c. About 90 minutes d. Approximately 25 hours 6.  Memory formation requires what steps? a.
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Quiz 4p460_4_21_10key - Quiz#4Psych460 NAME_ 1.

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