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James Dean MEEN 305 – 505 Wednesday, September 8 Learning Outcome 2 1. The three transition types will be fractures, deformation, and yielding. Fractures - During this transition the object being subjected to the force fractured. 1) Aluminum Tensile Test 5) Thick Concrete Compression 6) Silly Putty Stretch 7) Three Point Bend Test Deformation - These objects bent under the force applied but did not fracture. These objects did not return to their original form when the forces were taken away. 4) Bent Paper Clip 8) Trash Bag Yielding - These objects also bent under the pressure, but after the force that was being
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Unformatted text preview: applied was taken away they returned to their original form. 2) Pointers 3) Thin Column Compression 2. The general characteristic of a device that requires such a transition would be that the materials must be able to be subjected to a force and yield to that force as to prevent it from snapping but also be able to return to original shape. It would also need, once it has undergone the force and returned to its initial shape, to retain most if not all of its strength so it can be used again for the same reasons it was initially intended for....
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