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exam review - Metcalf’s Law-Moores- power of processors...

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Stake holder theory. Social contract theory- social welfare- produce more benefit than cost. Justice- do things legally, not for society Security control categories- Physical- locked up Access- password protected Communication- cant sned or receive data Application- cant use certain applications, or application Phishing- when someone tries to get you to give them sensitive information. Social engineering Pretexting- creating and using an invented scenario to get someone to give you personal information I-H-D-K Is- biometrics- fingerprint/picture Has- ID card Does- signature Knows- password Cat card has all four Security awareness- Virus protection, anti-spyware, site advisor, UAWifi, WPN (virtul private network) Defense in depth- using multiple security mechanisms
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Laws- Amdahl’s Law- used to find max. improvement in computer system if only one component is improved. Gilder’s Law- the total bandwidth of communication systems triples every 12 months
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Unformatted text preview: Metcalf’s Law-Moores- power of processors doubles every Globalization- economic nd cultural systems are increasingly interconnected on a global level Globalization has flattened the world. Thomas Friedman- author of World is Flat, Lexus and the Olive Tree Markets and communities are now world wide Standardization and integration Factors which create a globalized business- economic, societal, technology Sears, Roebuck and Co. – Location effect- removes geography as a barrier to relationships Impac of bullwh effect- excessive inventory, poor customer service, ineffective transportation use, misused ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning CRM- Customer Relationship Management SCM- Supply chain management Causes of bullwhip effect- price promotions,-batch purchasing,-forecasting/trend analysis,-shortage gaming-example of relational database-...
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exam review - Metcalf’s Law-Moores- power of processors...

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