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Jim asked, boss and the department head for complains’ so he could look at them. He wanted to see where her strength and weaken lie at. He also wants to see what she had to say about the complaints. He wants to be fair to her. After speaking with her, he had no chose be to retrain her. He asked who trained her to start with. She told him someone that no longer with the company. Her retrain will be for the next two weeks. He will show her the company likes things done. He also wanted to point out what her mistake was and how not to do them in the future. He understands that she had been out of the workforce for many years and things have change seen she last worked. He wants to give her a second chance to let his
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Unformatted text preview: entire employee’s know that he does care. After her two week training she will be on 30 probation period if things don’t improve he will have no choose but to let her go. He clearly informs her of all the things they were doing and how they were going to be carried out. He wished that if a department head had issue with someone from hoes department they come to him so he can take care of it. After the training problem Dorothy has no more issues or complains about her. She never knows that she was doing anything wrong. She was glad that he gives her a second chance to prove herself....
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