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affirmative action - Affirmative action caught in tale of...

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Affirmative action caught in tale of the two cities of Boston, Massachusetts and Denver, Colorado. Since the late 1980s, race and sex-based contracting preference programs in the U.S. cities have faced significant challenges in the courts (Rubin). On February 7th, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced his plan to eliminate a 15 year old program that required bidders on city construction contracts to subcontract 15% of work to minority-owned business enterprises and 5% to women-owned firms (Rubin). That program is being replaced by one that requires bidders to award 20% of subcontracts to local businesses and 20 % to firms with less than 20 employees both categories being race and gender neutral (Robin). While this Mayor announced his new plan, 3 days later on February 10th, the United States court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit went the other direction by overturning a lower court and upholding Denver’s constructions M/WBE program in a decade-long legal challenge by locally based Concrete Works of Colorado Inc. This program initially earmarked 16% of city construction contracts to MBE’s and 12% to WBEs (Robin). In this essay I will tell you my views on the two cities and their programs. Is minority set aside programs morally acceptable, is one of the questions I will
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affirmative action - Affirmative action caught in tale of...

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