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College writing 2 - Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno...

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Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno College Writing 8 October 2007 Lacrosse and Life As far back as I can remember, lacrosse has always been a big part of my life. I am not quite sure exactly when I started playing, but I believe it was about third or fourth grade. Before playing lacrosse, I had always played baseball. My dad brought me up playing baseball and was pretty disappointed the day I decided to give that up for lacrosse. After a few weeks, my father was able to get over the fact that I decided to move on from baseball to lacrosse. After years of hard work, I made the varsity lacrosse team at my high school in tenth grade. When I first told people I was going to try out for the varsity team, a lot of people doubted me, which caused me to work much harder. I soon realized that with hard work, anything is possible. The day after tryouts in tenth grade, we left for Washington, D.C. for triple sessions. Our coach did this because he wanted to get us experience playing outside on a full-length field before our first scheduled game. We were not able to practice on a full- length field because of the snow in Syracuse, but we were able to in Washington because of the warm weather. I can recall the bus ride to Washington being really weird for some reason. One of the reasons it was so weird was because I did not really know many of the people on the team. Another reason it was awkward was because I sat alone in the front of the bus, minding my own business, for the first part of the trip. As the trip went on, I
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Rodriguez 2 loosened up a little bit and started to make new and older friends. The bus ride was about six hours long and we arrived in Washington around midnight. When we got there, we
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College writing 2 - Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno...

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