Chemistry 1C Final

Chemistry 1C Final - BIOLOGY Hemoglobin...

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BIOLOGY Hemoglobin - oxyhemoglobin (oxygen loaded hemo - red) Fe2+ Oxidation state of Fe in oxyhemoglobin = 2+ and each has 4 Fe ions deoxyhemoglobin (oxygen unloaded hemo - blue/purple) Fe2+ Deoxy (T state) to Oxy (R state) - Fe2+ remains the same Coordination number of Fe in oxyhemo is 6+ Most abundant element in human body is OXYGEN LYSINE classified as polar and basic Myoglobin - Oxygen binding protein in muscles Heme portion of iron gives it red color A single-chain globular protein of amino acids “Instant binding tenacity” A hydrogen bonded alpha helix composed of amino acids describes a part of the secondary structure of the protein ONE iron atom is found in myoglobin molecule Oxidation state of iron in oxymyoglobin - 3+ and each contain 1 ion URACIL only found in RNA THYMINE is only found in DNA G-C pair form three hydrogen bonds in DNA A-T pair form two hydrogen bonds in DNA Living organisms synthesize the proteins that are needed for specif- ic purposes by RIBOSOMES that use the info from mRNA codons to
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Chemistry 1C Final - BIOLOGY Hemoglobin...

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