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History 140/141: Western Civ. Spring 2011 Essay Questions for First In-Class Mid-Term. On the in-class exam, you will be asked to answer ONE of these questions from a choice of TWO. You should outline answers to each of these questions in advance, using material from textbook, lectures, and the primary source readings. (Hint: to be detailed enough, your answer will need to draw on several of the terms from the ID list). This will be a closed book exam. 1. What important elements of the Greek polis did Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Antigone reflect? What do we learn about practices of religion, gender, family and politics from these plays? What message was Sophocles trying to impart in these plays? 2. Compare definitions and practices of citizenship from the Greek city-states through the Roman Empire. Who was included? What were the rights and privileges of citizens in each era? What were the duties? How did citizenship relate to gender, slavery, and “barbarian” outsiders? 3. In both Greece and Rome, peoples' lives were oriented around their duty to the state
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Unformatted text preview: and the family. What different aspects of their lives reflect the importance of these duties? What was the relationship between the family and the state? Did Greeks and Romans have different ideas about these duties? 4. Compare ideas and practices of religion among the Greeks, Romans, and Christians. What were the similarities and differences in religious ideas and practices? Did Christianity draw on the Greco-Roman world or was it radically different? 5. What were the reasons for the transformation and decline of the Roman Empire during and after the Third Century AD? Was it self-inflicted? Was it caused by outside forces? How accurate is it to speak of the fall of the Roman Empire? 6. How did the Hellenistic period serve as a bridge from the era of classical Greece to the period of Roman domination? What elements of continuity and change did Hellenism provide between Greece and Rome?...
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