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CHLH 206 HUMAN SEXUALITY 2 hrs Alyssa Madsen 33726 R17 6:30 - 8:15pm R 65 Allen For Unit One Students only until 8/9/10. Open to LLC’s from 8/9/10-8/19/10. Enrollment: 25 Course Description : A person's sexuality is an integral part of his/her whole personality. It influences the physical, psychological, social, mental, and emotional aspects of everyday life. Happy or satisfying relationships involve knowledge, understanding and sensitivity required to make healthy, responsible decisions concerning our sexuality. Course Objectives : 1. The student will acquire knowledge and understanding of the many and varied aspects of sexuality covered in class. 2. Be comfortable in communicating and interacting with other class members in discussions involving various aspects of sexuality. 3. Enhance their ability to make healthy, responsible decisions concerning sexuality. 4. Become familiar with recent trends and research presented within the articles assigned by the instructor, as well as topics discussed in presentations by guest lecturers. Topics To Be Covered : Sexual anatomy and physiology; nature of sexual response; birth control; conception; pregnancy; childbirth; gender roles; premarital sex; lifestyles; marriage; divorce; sexuality through life cycle; variations in sexual behavior; sexually transmitted disease; sexual dysfunction; sexual orientation. Course Requirements : All students will be required to attend and participate in class sessions. A mid-term exam and a final exam will be given on the material covered in class. A short research paper clarifying a specific problem or issue in sexuality is also required. Text: Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity , 4th edition by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid and Lois Fichner-Rathus. Allyn and Bacon.
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