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Psych 100 Final Practice Exam Page 1 1. When Mahari took the final exam in her conversational Spanish class, she was surprised to see questions about grammar and spelling on it. The instructor had never discussed grammar and spelling in class. Mahari's exam appears to lack A ) c r i t e r i o n v a l i d i t y . B ) c r i t e r i o n r e l i a b i l i t y . C ) c o n t e n t r e l i a b i l i t y . D ) c o n t e n t v a l i d i t y . 2. Leona is a child with dyslexia, which means she will probably have difficulty A) obeying the verbal requests of her parents. C) identifying whether something is sweet or sour. B) remembering her brother's name. D) reading Superman comic books. 3. Dr. Keishan gave her new intelligence test to a group of kindergarten children. A week later, she gave them the same test and noticed that the class average was significantly higher than the first time they took the test. Dr. Keishan was unable to establish the _____ of her test because _____ probably affected the results of the second testing. A) validity; practice effects C) reliability; construct effects B) reliability; practice effects D) validity; construct effects 4. Mrs. Linder, a high school math teacher, believes that students who are good at math will also be good in English, history, and music. Mrs. Linder's belief best supports which concept of intelligence? A ) S p e a r m a n ' s g B ) t h e t r i a r c h i c t h e o r y C) genetic theory D) multiple intelligences 5. As your grandmother has been getting older, you have noticed several ways in which her cognitive abilities have begun to decline. As she ages, she is most likely to lose her ability to A) read a novel. C) write you a letter. B) remember her pet's name. D) navigate in a city she never visited before. 6. Annetta figured out fifty-seven ways to use a toothpick and won a year's supply of toothpicks for her efforts. Annetta demonstrated _____ thinking by figuring out all the uses of a toothpick. A ) c o n v e r g e n t B ) c r y s t a l l i z e d C ) m u l t i p l e D ) d i v e r g e n t 7. Researchers are in the process of developing a new college entrance exam. They want to ensure that wherever the test is given, it will be administered, scored, and interpreted in the same manner. In other words, the researchers are concerned with A ) s t a n d a r d i z a t i o n . B ) r e l i a b i l i t y . C) quantification. D) validity. 8. Although many successful musical artists don't appear to have “book smarts,” they certainly have the “street smarts” needed to succeed in the music industry. Which theory of intelligence BEST accounts for this observation? A ) g t h e o r y B ) t r i a r c h i c t h e o r y C ) i n f o r m ation processing theory D) crystallized intelligence theory 9. Mrs. Kim, a fourth grade teacher, has just received the IQ scores of her new students. Research on teacher expectancies suggests that Mrs. Kim will most likely give A) less homework to students with higher IQs. B)
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PSYC final prep - Psych 100 1 Final Practice Exam Page 1...

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