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Ch. 1 HW (1) - \Ch 1 Practice Questions Multiple Choice...

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\Ch. 1 Practice Questions Multiple Choice Questions: 1. A biotechnology company, deCODE, is in the process of creating a database that contains a) the gene sequences of all newborns in the United States beginning in 2006 b) a compilation of all the known genes in humans throughout the free world c) a complete sequence of the human genome d) all the information available on the human genome project e) health, genealogical, and genetic information of approximately 270,000 residents of Iceland 2. The genetic material DNA consists of basic subunits called 3. The immediate product of transcription is 4. In many species, there are two representatives of each chromosome. In such species, the characteristic number of chromosomes is called……….., which is symbolized as ……… 5. The chromosomal theory of inheritance a) was proposed by Gregor Mendel b) describes how chromosomes can be altered by mutation c) is that genes for phenotypic traits are carried on chromosomes
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d) was proposed because the behavior of chromosomes in mitosis is similar to those of genes during gamete formation e) does not applied to haploid organisms
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