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Travel Essay ENG 101 - Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno...

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Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno English 101 16 September 2007 New People, New Places, New Culture A few years ago, my parents and I went to Spain and Italy. We went in the summer, which many people say is not a good idea because temperatures tend to get very warm. When we were there the temperatures went up to at least 100 ° F every day and sometimes even 110 ° F. During this trip we went to Spain for ten days and Italy for four days. In Italy, we only stayed in Rome, but in Spain, we were with a tour group and traveled through the whole country. We were on our own in Italy, which was not the greatest idea ever, but we managed to do just fine. My favorite part of this trip and what I gained from it was that it gave me a different perspective on life in seeing how other people lived. I remember the flight to Spain like it was yesterday. The anticipation that had built up for this trip was like nothing I had ever experienced before. One thing that made this flight so memorable was that my parents had enough frequent flier miles saved on their credit cards that they could upgrade to first class seats with no charge. Sitting in first class was different than any other time I had flown anywhere. The whole flight itself was a different experience. The seats were leather and extremely bigger than the normal seats. Another thing that added to the experience was that the food was amazing. My parents liked the fact that they could have all the beverages they wanted for free. On the other
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Rodriguez 2 hand, I only received free candy, which was perfectly fine with me. Another cool thing
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Travel Essay ENG 101 - Rodriguez 1 Jon Rodriguez Dr. Denno...

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