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Agency Law notes - Agency Law 8 First, establish...

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Unformatted text preview: Agency Law 8 First, establish relationship. Then determine whether person acting as agent is acting in authority. Express authority– do something specific Implied sometimes accompany express, something alone: on fringe of express…may not be directly asked to do something but a normal personal would assume based on relationship. (i.e. giving receipt after sale) Necessary: when its necessary to do something; i.e. in an emergency Customary: i.e. recepite Example Case: Granite Properties v. Granite Investment Co., document sent by law firm, person isn’t there, so document is sent by a flunkie associate. Associated files, etc. and client ends up being unable to object to coming steps. Client argues that she isn’t the lawyer that is supposed to be acting on case, doesn’t have express authority, BUT court says she is part of the firm and It makes sense to delegate work so she has the authority to do what she did, and the client is bounded by what she did Apparent authority—if you can argue that in fact it looks like someone has authority when they really don’t...
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Agency Law notes - Agency Law 8 First, establish...

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