analysis of fact pattern - A, B, C, D own 2 rental...

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A, B, C, D own 2 rental properties in Ithaca. A,B,D are brothers and C,D are married. C,D Tenancy by the entirety (Since they are married; also can be community property). A.B,C,D can be tenancy in common or joint tenants with right of survivorship What is the survivorship here? Lifetime?-Then joint tenancy; If property goes to heir at death-Tenancy in Common Assume here we have a Tenancy in Common between A,B,C,D A-writes and negotiates the lease with the tenants B-deals with all financial matters C,D- property kept in good shape. Oversee work of individuals hired to cleans, mow, plow, etc (to maintain property) hire independent contractor; depends on work that is done. C,D hire agents, so they act as principals All agents have Express Authority for jobs listed above 1 st property: Rented to T,T,T,T. They sign lease with Andy (who executes on behalf of others). Recall, he has express authority. Again, lets look at what kind of tenants they are IF Andy executed this on behalf of the others, but not all agreed: Recall that Interest is partitionable; so if owners want to do something to property that you do not agree with, you can sue. Other owners can be bought out, or can sue for partitioning 2 nd Property: Lease property 1 st Floor: Creative Designs (owned by C,C; other C is secretary, so she is employee employer, employee
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analysis of fact pattern - A, B, C, D own 2 rental...

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