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Fischbarg v. Doucet Defendant: Suzzane Bell-Doucet, president of ONAM Plaintiff: Gabriel Fishbarg Feb 2001 - defendant calls plaintiff to discuss the plaintiff representing ONAM in a lawsuit. ONAM claimed breach of contract, fraud, copyright infringement against Allegro - letter agreeing to pay fischbarg 2,000 deposit against expenses - after receiving letter(FEB 23) the two parties entered into agreement May 2001 - plaintiff never appeared at court in Oregon, but held numerous phone calls with the defendant, sent emails and faxes - May 30 allegro filed suit against ONAM Jan 2002 - jan 15 plaintiff resigns as defendants lawyer and wants money for his services rendered before resignation - court denies this saying it lacked personal and subject matter jurisdiction over fee dispute Jan 2005 - jan 10 defendant enters into settlement that terminates oregon action - jan 31 plaintiff(lawyer) files lawsuit seeking damages for breach of contract/unjust enrichment
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Unformatted text preview: -no specific statutory basis for personal jurisdiction-defendants file for motion to dismiss b/c lack of personal jurisdiction-supreme court denies motion saying it could exercise personal jurisdiction b/c retain plaintiff to represent them in oregon action were purposeful 1. What series of events led to the litigation in this case?-plaintiff resigns from the case and attempts to claim the money he feels he earned from his work before he resigned-defendant motions for dismissal and is denied 2. What is meant by “long arm jurisdiction?” Why does the plaintiff believe that he should be able to sue the defendant in a New York court?- 3. What arguments does the defendant raise to contest the plaintiff’s claims? 4. Why does the court reach the conclusion that it does? Do you agree with the outcome, given the facts in this case?...
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