candide - The book that I have chosen is Candide. It...

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The book that I have chosen is Candide. It provides an insight into the life of a young man called Candide. Candide depicts the journey of enlightenment of a young man named Candide. Francois- Marie Arouet de Voltaire wrote this book in the year 1759.Candide projects the story of a young man named Candide who lives in the castle of the Baron of Thunder-Ten- Tronckh in Westphalia. Candide is caught kissing Cunegonde who happens to be the Baron's daughter, this leads to his exile from the castle. After his exile Candide comes across the journey of his life in search of Cunegonde. This journey is filled with many adventures. Ultimately this journey gives him enlightenment and wisdom. The Author targets the absolute monarchy. The nature of government in France was a monarchy for many centuries from the author’s time the nature had transformed into an absolute monarchy. In this type of government all the decision making power rested in the hands of the king. Voltaire was against this as he favored freedom of religion, press and abolition of slavery but under kings rule none of this would be possible. The common man had the least power and say as king used to take all the decisions. The effects of slavery are shown through the eyes of Candide. Slavery does not entitle people to their right to freedom. The author strongly advocates right to freedom. From this we can understand how the author promoted the abolition of slavery. Voltaire was particularly vitriolic in describing the role of Catholic Church and nobility. He severely criticized the hypocrisy of the priests. This state of mind was developed as the author was personally subjected to several instances of sexual abuse by the priest. He was also very harsh in the issue of lineage in nobility. Entitling a person who is born in the lineage of noble to be a noble is not the right way of choosing a deserving person. This issue of nobility can
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be observed from the fact in the first chapter where Candide is ostracized for kissing Cunegonde. If Candide would have belonged to the nobility he would not have been ostracized.
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candide - The book that I have chosen is Candide. It...

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