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Unformatted text preview: te leye life, te leye it even when yen have ne sternaeh fer it and everything yen'ye held dear ernnihles like hnrnt paper in yenr hands, yenr threat filled with the silt ef it. 1When grief sits with yen, its trepieal heat thiekening the air, heavy as water mere fit fer gills than lnngs; when grief weights yen like yenr ewn flesh enly mere ef it, an ehesity ef grief, yen think, Hew ean a hedy withstand this"?I Then yen held life like a faee hetween yenr palms, a plain faee, ne charming smile, ne Vifllfit eyes, and yen say, yes, I will take yen I will leye yen, again. — Ellen Bass ...
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