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Chapter 5 Test 2

Chapter 5 Test 2 - Chapter 5 Test 2 Thursday 5:12 AM 1 To a...

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1. To ___________ a value means to increase it by one. A. decrement B. increment C. modulus D. parse E. None of these 2. When the increment operator precedes its operand, as in ++num1, the expression is in _______ mode. 3. In the statement if (X++ > 10), the _____ operator is used first. Chapter 5 Test 2 Thursday, February 24, 2011 5:12 AM General Page 1
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4. A _______ is a control structure that causes a statement or group of statements to repeat. 5. The while loop contains an expression that is tested for a true or false value, and a statement or block that is repeated as long as the expression: A. is false B. is true C. does not evaluate to true or false D. evaluates to true or false E. None of these 6. True/False: The condition of a while loop must be enclosed in parentheses and terminated with a semicolon.
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