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A100_Final_Exam_A_Fall_1_2006_-_nonMC - A100 Final Exam...

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A100 Final Exam Fall 1 2006 First Eight Weeks Exam version A – NOTE THAT, WHERE POSSIBLE, QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN CHANGED FROM MULTIPLE- CHOICE FORMAT TO FACILITATE USING THIS EXAM AS A STUDY TOOL. Instruction 1: Fill in the information below. Write clearly: NAME (print): E-mail address: . Name (Signature): Student i.d. # : . Course Section #: . Instruction 2: Read carefully and follow the directions below: There are 34 multiple-choice questions on this exam. Be sure your exam is complete. You will have until 8:00 p.m. to finish the exam. For each question, select the best answer from among the alternatives provided. In order to receive credit for your answers, you must mark them on the machine-readable answer sheet provided. Answers on the exam itself will not be considered in grading the exam. The answer sheet should be completed as follows: - Name (Last name (followed by a space), then first name. Fill in the bubbles below. See example at the front of the room. - Student identification number. Fill in the bubbles below. See example at the front of the room. - In the “Special Codes” area, fill in your section number in columns (k through o). Fill in the bubbles below. See example at the front of the room. - There are multiple versions of this exam. Indicate your version on the answer sheet by entering an “A” in the very last space of the NAME section of your answer sheet. Fill in the “A” bubble below. See example at the front of the room. You may not use calculators or scrap paper during the exam. When you complete the exam (including checking your work if you have time), place your answer sheet behind your exam and turn both the exam and answer sheet in to the exam proctor as you leave the room. NO EXAM MATERIALS MAY LEAVE THIS ROOM. Failure to turn in all exam materials is a violation of the Honor Code. Do not ask the exam proctors questions during the exam. If you discover an error or ambiguity on the exam, make the best assumption you can and continue working. GOOD LUCK!
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1. A manufacturing company's balance sheet account that consists of partially completed products at the end of the year is called: 2. At the break-even point, contribution margin equals: a total manufacturing costs b total revenues minus total manufacturing costs c cost of goods sold + nonmanufacturing fixed costs d cost of goods sold + net income e total fixed costs 3. Which one of the following is an account that appears on the balance sheet? a
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A100_Final_Exam_A_Fall_1_2006_-_nonMC - A100 Final Exam...

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