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A100_Final_Exam_A_Spring_1_2005+Non+MC+problems - A100...

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A100 Final Exam Spring 2005 First Eight Weeks Exam version a NAME (print): E-mail address: . Name (Signature): Student i.d. # : . Course Section #: . Course Section Numbers - 8:00 class = 1431 9:05 class = 1432 10:10 class = 1433 1:00 class = 1434 Instructions – Read carefully. You will need a pencil (or pencils) and eraser to take this exam. Everything else, including cell phones, calculators, notes, books, etc. must be out of sight in a backpack or other container during the exam. There are 33 multiple-choice questions. Be sure you have all 7 pages. You will have until 8:00 p.m. to complete this exam. You may not leave your seat for any reason during the exam. For each question, select the best answer from among the alternatives provided. In order to receive credit for your answer, you must mark it on the machine-readable answer sheet provided. Credit is not given for answers or calculations on the exam itself. The machine-readable answer sheet should be completed as follows (See example at the front of the room): - Name (Last name (followed by a space), then first name. Fill in the bubbles below. - Student identification number. Fill in the bubbles below. - In the “Special Codes” area, enter your section number in the first four columns (k through n). Fill in the bubbles below. - There are multiple versions of this exam. Indicate your version on the answer sheet. This is version a . Write an “a” in the very last space of the NAME section of your answer sheet. Fill in the “a” bubble below. When you complete the exam (including checking your work if you have time), verify that you have entered all required information on the scan form and on this page, and then turn it in to the proctors. NO EXAM MATERIALS MAY LEAVE THIS ROOM. Failure to turn in all exam materials will be considered a violation of the Honor Code. The penalty is an F in the course. Neither your professor nor his assistants will answer questions during the exam. If you discover an error on the exam, make the most reasonable assumption and continue answering questions. GOOD LUCK!
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1. Manufactured goods that are in process but not yet complete are classified in an inventory account called 2. The salaries paid to a company’s scientists who discover the formulae for new drugs that are subsequently manufactured and sold by that same company would be classified as
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A100_Final_Exam_A_Spring_1_2005+Non+MC+problems - A100...

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