Appendix D SI Units

Appendix D SI Units - Appendix D • SI Units Table D.1 SI...

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Unformatted text preview: Appendix D • SI Units Table D.1 SI Units SI Base Unit Base Quantity Length Mass Time Electric current Temperature Amount of substance Luminous intensity Name Meter Kilogram Second Ampere Kelvin Mole Candela Symbol m kg s A K mol cd Table D.2 Some Derived SI Units Expression in Ter ms of Base Units m/m s1 kg m/s2 kg/m s2 kg m2/s2 kg m2/s3 As kg m2/A s3 A2 s4/kg m2 kg m2/A2 s3 kg m2/A s2 kg/A s2 kg m2/A2 s2 Expression in Ter ms of Other SI Units Quantity Plane angle Frequency Force Pressure Energy; work Power Electric charge Electric potential Capacitance Electric resistance Magnetic flux Magnetic field Inductance Name radian hertz newton pascal joule watt coulomb volt farad ohm weber tesla henry Symbol rad Hz N Pa J W C V F Wb T H J/m N/m2 Nm J/s W/A C/V V/A Vs T m2/A A.32 ...
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