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Pingting Li COM 325 Skills Building Interview Self-evaluation Instructions Write out your responses to the following questions and turn them in within one week of the day you conducted your skills building interview. 1. How do you feel the probing went during the interview? I don’t think it was going very well. I almost didn’t have any probing question. The reason was that I ask question 95% based on the schedule I prepared, and it is all about primary questions. 2. Which questions got you the most information? The question “How did this get started?” got me the most information. It was an open question. The interviewee briefly told me the story behind this case. 3. In hindsight, what areas could have been probed more deeply before moving on to another area? I should have asked more probing question about the story. For example, the place of the case happened, is there any people with them at that time, etc. In order to do that, I will get an overall idea about the case and I can actually do better analysis for it. 4. If given the chance, what would you have asked that you didn't?
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