Reconstruction - January 25, 2011 History 222...

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January 25, 2011 History 222 Reconstruction Debate about the reintroduction of the South into the Union o Destroy southern plantation economy? o Punish secessionists? o Equality to freed slaves? Phases of Reconstruction o The Lincoln Plan o Johnson’s Democratic Policy o Radical Republicans o Grant’s Troubles o Abandoning Reconstruction I. Lincoln’s Plan a. Economic Reform in the North i. Morrill Tariff - tax on imported goods so people buy things not imported. ii. National Banking Act - created national bank 3/5 of money was private. So private bankers were making all the money on the national bank. iii. Transcontinental Railroad - southerners wanted it to go from Louisiana to San Francisco. Went to Chicago. iv. Homestead Act - passed in 1862 gave every American who wanted it 160 acres to farm. The south didn’t like this because they wanted to make plantations. v. Morrill Land Grant Act - gives federal land to the state government so the states can sell of the land to make public colleges and universities. b. Freedom for Slaves i. Benjamin Butler assigned to Hampton Roads in Virginia. Issued the Confiscation Order- he will consider the slaves as contraband goods. Used them for construction (1861) made us the largest slaveholders. ii.
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Reconstruction - January 25, 2011 History 222...

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