Reform and Investiture Contest Jan. 26

Reform and Investiture Contest Jan. 26 - 1 The Investiture...

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The Investiture Contest Investiture The ceremony of investing a bishop with the symbols of his spiritual authority Ring: symbolizing the bishop’s marriage to his diocese Staff: representing his obligation to protect Christendom and lead his flock The power of investiture belonged to the church authority – either Lay Investiture The 11 th century Church Feudal lords controlled appointments of parish priests and abbots of monasteries in their lands Monasteries became “dumping grounds” for nobles and women who had worn out their political use Bishops had become important political and economic positions, and were usually granted to political allies of the king or emperor. The growing wealth of large monasteries and important Bishoprics contributed to corruption in the church. The Pope Vicar of Christ on earth, and lord of the Papal States The papacy had been struggling with secular rulers for centuries, but specifically with the Holy Roman Emperor since 962 (Coronation of Otto I) The papacy was primarily viewed as a political position by noble families in Rome who fought to control it and set up their own family members as popes. Why did the papacy survive if it exercised little power outside of Italy, and had had a string of morally corrupt and bad popes? The papal authority was deeply ingrained into the minds of the medieval people. The thought of removing the papacy was something they couldn’t wrap their heads around. Three ‘evils’ in the Church
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Reform and Investiture Contest Jan. 26 - 1 The Investiture...

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